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December 4, 2020  

High Value IT - The Podcast for Your CEO to Listen To

Having trouble selling that Cloud migration to upper management?  Just have your CEO to Listen to this episode... IT leader, Matthew Parks makes the argument for the cloud a no brainer. 

Breaking Legacy Mindsets before Legacy Systems break
The Cloud = 99 problems you no longer have
Once you go cloud you can go back
Richer Experience
Cloud Financial Broken Down
Easier Control - Cooling - Energy Draw
No equipment to manage / depreciate
Less Updates & No need to send out downtime emails


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December 2, 2020  

Crunching Data into Billion Dollar Theoretical Models

Software Science Nerd, Jarrod Medeiros, Director of Informatics (what the heck is that?), and Phil Howard discuss data and things that are way out of my wheelhouse... but Jarrod saves me from not looking too stupid:


  • How Never go through a Digital Transformation
  • Synthesizing compounds into things I can inject
  • Bioprocess (Software) Engineering 
  • Software solution to help make sense of data
  • Micro/Molecular Biology - Chemistry... things I dropped out of
  • Crunching data points into visual sense

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December 1, 2020  

IT Nerd Serves Some “Epic” Kool-Aid Comparing Software to the 90’s Chicago Bulls

Chad Branco is an Epic IT project manager.  On this episode we talk about...

  • The utter necessity of serving and drinking the Kool-Aid
  • Comparing Epic to the 90's Chicago Bulls
  • How competing priorities kill upgrades
  • Downtime 1.5
  • How attitude changes culture
  • IT aptitude tests are being used to scan you
  • Forcing end-users to be bought in the right way.  "Epic's here..."
  • Who's the best worst adopters: Nurses, Case Managers, Therapists, or Physicians?

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November 24, 2020  

How To Get Noticed in IT

CIO summit speaker, Chris Myers (Director of IT at IMRIS) has extensive experience in developing staff, mentoring IT, Complex data center development, business reporting, and securing large organizations.  

Some snippets from the show: 

  • People noticed when I started doing this....
  • Keeping things up and running is easy but... Influencing others is a different ball game.
  • Where should IT  professionals be spending time?
  • What IT projects should come first?
  • How do you become more valuable?
  • Don’t worry about getting shot down
  • Make sure you are in the range of fire
November 18, 2020  

My Non-Apologetic IT Life

Exhausted? Drained?  Ready for an Emotional Breakdown?

Phil Howard and Jon Santee Discuss (with a shout out to David Spark)

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Logic at Home
  • Wise Listening
  • How to breakup with your phone
  • Non-apologetic work -life
  • Team acknowledgement
  • Making things too secure


August 29, 2020  

Digital Transformation & Selling The Value of IT

Digital Transformation Won't Come Until You Can Sell The Value of IT or...

...Unless a Global Pandemic Gets the Job Done For You

Bryan Blount and The Most Bearded Man in Telecom discuss:

  • The Digital Transformation in Education
  • IT Reluctance... 
  • Keeping the lights on
  • Ticket Takers
  • IT Middle Management...
  • Cant' empathize & can't sell
  • How should humanoids communicate with IT?
  • 4 Point Purchasing: (Strategic Alignment - Increasing Value - Cost Control - Risk Management)
May 5, 2020  

Nerds Now Normal

How is it that technology leaders,

top coders,

network jockeys,

and security freaks of

nature aren’t ruling the world?

... or are they?

Maybe it’s because the sales guys

Arrogantly refuse to use the CRM

What’s a database anyways

Nathan Jewett and I address some of the gaps holding back technology leaders... and tackle the following:

Juggling Multiple Stakeholders and competing investors while keeping the sanity of the development team

How to measure the strategic value of IT?

Lowering investment risk and increasing the speed to market

If you want to be the best in the world how can you allow your sales culture to fail to embrace the CRM?

BBS Messaging Boards

Nerd Agile Biology

Handsets and old switching technology

Much much more...

April 30, 2020  

CIO Straight Jacket: Disproportionate responsibility levels

The CIO Straight Jacket comes with disproportionate responsibility levels

Are you dealing with a whole lot of IT responsibility

and getting not a whole lot of authority?

What's up with that?

How does such a thing happen?


Everyone looks to IT to save the world, fix broken, make IT happen, protect us, coddle us, answer all our questions at the drop of a hat, and

even drive the company's security policy posture .. protection

pragmatic digital transformation

driving the business forward to appease stock holders, investors, and

all responsibility and blame lies on you.

So why don't you get the money?

Doug Berry - The IT Guy who helped bring rental bikes to London and I talk about some of these life-altering subjects on this episode of Dissecting Popular IT Nerds:

  • The increasing Challenges of the straight-jacked CIO

  • High level responsibility disproportionate to the level of authority

  • What to do when people make technology requests that don't match budgeted dollars.

  • How to Influence Spend and Security Standards

  • Decision Design Direction, avoiding double spending, and shadow IT

  • The love of my life: Technical Writing

April 23, 2020  

Pandemic is exposing IT

Michael Archuleta is one of the most decorated #CIOs in the #healthcare industry and on this show talk about one of the most explosive changes happening in the healthcare industry throughout the world right.... as you read this.

Michael is a digital transformation leader, a force multiplier in the healthcare space, and a future visionary solving... preventing... a healthcare digital transformation crisis (or should I say opportunity) ahead of us.

IT Leaders right now are literally saving lives by creating amazing efficiencies from Telehealth to (may I be so bold to say) stopping people from hacking your loved one's pace-maker.

This episode is not just a healthcare episode... it is a sounding board for IT Leaders to learn and ask,

"What message should my organization (my technology team) be constantly delivering?"

The biggest historical change is happening right now in the digital world.

How the Pandemic Crisis is exposing the value of IT in the healthcare industry and the benefits of #Telehealth and the efficiencies being gained is more than significant for all leaders within the modern world.

Michael Archuleta:

2020 Hospital and health system CIOs to know
2019 CIO of the Year Nominee
2019 Healthcare's Most Wired Award
2019 hospital and health system CIOs
2018 Healthcare's Most Wired Award

April 22, 2020  

Beyond Storage, Compute, Network

On this Episode of Dissecting Popular IT Nerds,

Jonathan Clark and Phil Howard Discuss:

  • Pandemic Holes: Lync Server 2013 to Teams Over the Weekend
  • Home User Internet Connections
  • 1994 Building a Pentium at 9yrs old
  • Do you have the knowledge base to hire
  • Do you know how and who to hire.
  • Intel to AMD
  • Measuring Productivity Increases
  • From 30-60 second wait times to instant access
  • Measuring Productivity on 500 Users
  • Backup Remote Access Systems

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