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May 15, 2019  

IT in Different Languages

Jon Wadsworth & Phil Howard discuss IT around the world.

- IT enablement

- IT Dreaming

- What an awesome world could look like before accounting gets involved.

- Speaking IT in China without knowing any Chinese.

- Rolling out Active Directory around the world and dealing with whatever you find.

- Google Translate

#ITleadership #IT #activedirectory
May 7, 2019  

From No Help Desk and Support By Favoritism to Accountability

Brian Martinez & Phil Howard discuss the unbelievable fact that many businesses still do not have a standardized process and IT Help Desk.     

- Going from no structure to service desk/help desk

- Eliminating 80% of the tickets and ongoing busy work

- Culture challenges
- Right Vibe Culture versus Janitor Mentality
- Accountability to success and the numbers
- Data doesn't lie.
- End-users being ignored.
#ITleadership #helpdesk #IT


May 1, 2019  

Culture Eats Technology for Breakfast with a side of SD WAN

Doug Edmunds, Jason Gintert, & Phil Howard discuss a recent SD-WAN deployment and how it affected large document sharing, VPNs, and expensive point to point circuits.  Also on this episode...

  • The #1 IT trait that makes this IT leader a success
  • Commodore 8 bit programming & short term memory loss
  • Niche VeloCloud "Value Added Support"
  • Network Visibility: Finding a whole Crowd of Employees Making Long Youtube Playlists
  • Carrier Pigeons & QOS

#velocloud #voip #sdwan #itleadership #communication

April 25, 2019  

Microsoft Doesn’t Care About Providing You Layers Of Failure, In Fact They Encourage IT… It’s a “Teams”​ Effort

Are you ready to NOT SCREW UP your Microsoft Teams Voice Integration?

  • What are "Native" Integrations
  • Why are they Better... Cheeper... Easier...
  • Implementation Best Practices
  • The Easiest Way to Not Kill Yourself, Your Career, and Work/Life Balance
  • The Layers of Failure When Migrating Voice to Microsoft
  • Pricing Secrets

#microsoftteams #365 #skypeforbusiness #365integration #voipphonesystems

April 15, 2019  

How do we get ahead of shadow IT and drive the business forward?

Are you ready for the responsibility that comes with the new age IT leadership positions? 
Are you ready to be measured by how much IT drives the business? 
Can you produce the numbers?

Enterprise IT Manager, Aaron Seamans, MBA and Phil Howard Discuss:

  • Shadow IT
  • Sliding food under the door to the geeks in the server room.
  • The... "If it ain't broke don't fix it mentality" and how to sell upper management on technology as a driver
  • The importance of communicating to the company as a whole and how IT changes affect everyone.
March 25, 2019  

Cyber Warfare US Air Force Veteran Michael Wallace

On this episode:

US Air Force Veteran Michael Wallace & Phil Howard, Converged Network Services Group discuss:

  • Dealing with 1,500 users accross 13 bases being erased by mistake...during war.

  • Cyber Warfare and Experience vs. Education

  • Combat Phishing

  • Coaching conversations with End Users

  • Testing End Users

  • Identifying Needs

March 20, 2019  

What to do when End Users think the Technology Sucks.


What to do when End Users think the Technology Sucks.

On this episode:

Orlando Hernandes "The Tech Psychiatrist" Director of IT at USA Fire Protection & Phil Howard, Converged Network Services Group discuss:
  • Speed of Adoption.  End users are asking, "WHy does this company have this new technology and we don't?"
  • Working within a limited budget & resource group.
  • Establishing IT as partner, and not just someone who keeps the blinky lights on.
  • How to prioritize between wish lists & key players.
  • Why it's important to ensure end users end-users feel comfortable coming to you and how to do it.
  • Legacy employees are rolling their eyes... how do we build their trust?
March 11, 2019  

How to change from an IT Execution Department to a Strategic Business Partner, PLUS Millennials can’t ride bikes BTW.

Millennials can't even ride a bike! (the market is suggesting).  

On this episode:

Brent Chugg, Global IT Sr. Manager and Phil Howard discuss:

  • Keeping it Black and White while having full Color Conversations
  • Enterprise Architecture IT Strategy
  • Turning around the absurd notion the IT is just the Execution Engineering Department
  • How to create strategic partnerships by speaking around expectations.
  • Technology is the easy part... how do we deal with the interpersonal part?
  • Beyond the IT sprawl is more sprawl... How do we execute the takedown?








March 5, 2019  

The Cost Center Mindset is Killing Innovation, End-User engagement, and Many People’s Jobs.

On this episode:

Michael Moore, IT Director of Infrastructure and Phil Howard discuss:

  • User Adoption Struggles: Listening and filling a need.
  • Wireshark Diagnosing to Stop Finger Pointing.
  • Chat Bots that are socially more adept than some people.
  • Large Project Deployments and what to do when things go wrong.
  • IT as a marketing department to end users and key stakeholders.
  • Broadband Connectivity, Latency, Jitter, and wanting to crawl back into bed
February 25, 2019  

How to go from IT Director to CIO? Are certifications and an MBA a must… or is there a way around it?

On this episode:

DON COX, CIO | CISCO |  US ARMY | U.S. SECRET SERVICE DETECTIVE | DIRECTOR @ U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY | Deputy Director to the Executive Office of the President, THE WHITE HOUSE, Professional IT Strategist.... yeah that guy and Phil Howard, talk about:

  • From Cop to Cop-Hacker
  • The CIO Total Package & How to Grow into the role
  • Key point covered: IT Sprawl & Managing Licenses
  • Key point covered: Justifying Spend to Executives
  • Beyond "Grippin & Grinnin"
  • Successful Partnerships - What do they look like?