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September 17, 2019  

The Biggest Lie Bill Gates Ever Told…

Don Hammer and Phil Howard discuss

  • The UYK-7
  • The $3,000 Computer
  • IT guys killed drive-bys
  • Burning time on the Admin Side
  • Train end-users to be more confident
  • Where IT can make a difference
  • Sorting kernels
  • Staying current


September 4, 2019  

This High School Student Hacked the Network, setup a Web Proxy, and Instead of Getting Expelled got a Chimichanga.

On this Episode Rolland Kornblau and Phil Howard Discuss:

  • The biggest part of end-user education is...
  • Students that are more ingenious but not smarter...
  • Why you should live you life in fear...
  • This one group of people that we are not learning from...
  • You can't protect your children so instead you should do this...
August 27, 2019  

We’re migrating to the cloud cause my boss read about it in Time magazine.

 On this episode John Walker, IT Director at H&M Bay and Phil Howard discuss,

- Migrating to the Cloud because an executive leader read about it in Time magazine

- Some developers don't talk with you because you are so #$%ing dumb.

- Software Dev for the customer by the business

- Customizing Unix

- IT business leadership is not just what you are reading everywhere... it's much more than driving new revenue... it's more of a quadruple bypass

August 23, 2019  

Should DevOps big a big deal in your company? Are you ready?

On this episode...

Phil Howard and Justin smucker

  • The future targets/goals of the business mean IT Directors should do this ....
  • What are the business outcomes you are trying to enable?
  • What to do if everybody wants to stay the same
  • Hypervisors, VMs, throttling and everything that is grey... so "wth"
  • "Who are you saddling up with?"
  • How to differentiate to survive and thrive.

#contactcenter #acd #hypervisor #devops #itleadership

August 19, 2019  

Does your team secretly disagree with you? Are you failing to gain your team’s buy-in?

When the team wins it's the team and when the team fails it's me. - Todd Allen

Phil Howard and Todd Allen discuss

  • Mid stream changes
  • Agile methodology applied into micro steps
  • Creating direction and gaining buy-in (up/down/laterally).
  • Design first or put the shovel in the ground and build as you go
  • Scope creep is inevitable because...
  • "We don't know what we don't know."Being honest with yourself 
  • Memorializing goals
  • "Leaders eat last"
  • Fail fast
  • Fender Meetings
August 7, 2019  

IT Babies and Babysitters… No thanks

On this episode..

Yorck Haase, Director of IT at R.L Schreiber and Phil Howard discuss:

  • How to achieve new Levels of Productivity and business results.
  • Setting IT expectations to avoid babysitting systems and end users.
  • Laser Precision
  • Data collection and what to do with it?
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems

Interested in a carrier agnostic approach to vendors that focuses on business growth (not sales and quotas)?

Email me here: phil.howard@cnsg.com

July 29, 2019  

How backwards is your IT thinking? Process First, Systems Second, and…

How should IT talk to people?

Ryan Holland, Proven Technology Leader (no title needed) and Phil Howard discuss:

  • Office hours after hours
  • Firewalls stuck in customs
  • The IT success formula
  • Big wins means baby stepping first
  • How to approach key stakeholders
  • Server 2003
  • Presenting the numbers
  • Vendors should be partners.

Interested in knowing who the best vendors are that care about your success (not their quota)?

Email me here: phil.howard@cnsg.com


July 15, 2019  

IT Directors either impact the business or sit back like peons.

On this episode Marcus Merchant shows how an IT director can take a business from 30% efficiency to 70%+

...and how he got a job in IT with no knowledge at all

started drinking from the firehose.

Why never implement version 1.0?

How to collect important data and proceed to massive success.

Spiceworks for real, well making spice work. 

July 2, 2019  

IT Leaders, if you can’t do this… you’re done!

Are your doing this?  Can you do this? ... and what is the #1 thing that will make or break your future as an IT LEADER?  

Lee Weisenberger & Phil Howard discuss....



  • Immediate results in 6 months or less
  • Small Pilots & Robots (not necessarily) replacing humans.
  • How do you communicate, find holes, and solve.
  • Measuring results and proving success.
  • Relationships and communicating business results to keep your job and make your future.
  • The Amazon Effect
  • Advice to newbies and bots.



June 13, 2019  

UnSelfish IT Living in The Ultimate Cost Center

On this Episode Shawn Granger and Phil Howard discuss:

  • Why Data Matters
  • Unselfishly Stuck in a Cost Center
  • Line Itemizing IT
  • Changing the Culture of “Let’s Dip into the IT budget.”
  • Fixing Broken Process 
  • RFPs are Dumb
  • Coyote Fear Mongering GIS apps

#itleadership #cto #gis #datadriven #communications #Costcenter