Dissecting Popular IT Nerds

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July 15, 2019  

IT Directors either impact the business or sit back like peons.

On this episode Marcus Merchant shows how an IT director can take a business from 30% efficiency to 70%+

...and how he got a job in IT with no knowledge at all

started drinking from the firehose.

Why never implement version 1.0?

How to collect important data and proceed to massive success.

Spiceworks for real, well making spice work. 

July 2, 2019  

IT Leaders, if you can’t do this… you’re done!

Are your doing this?  Can you do this? ... and what is the #1 thing that will make or break your future as an IT LEADER?  

Lee Weisenberger & Phil Howard discuss....



  • Immediate results in 6 months or less
  • Small Pilots & Robots (not necessarily) replacing humans.
  • How do you communicate, find holes, and solve.
  • Measuring results and proving success.
  • Relationships and communicating business results to keep your job and make your future.
  • The Amazon Effect
  • Advice to newbies and bots.



June 13, 2019  

UnSelfish IT Living in The Ultimate Cost Center

On this Episode Shawn Granger and Phil Howard discuss:

  • Why Data Matters
  • Unselfishly Stuck in a Cost Center
  • Line Itemizing IT
  • Changing the Culture of “Let’s Dip into the IT budget.”
  • Fixing Broken Process 
  • RFPs are Dumb
  • Coyote Fear Mongering GIS apps

#itleadership #cto #gis #datadriven #communications #Costcenter

June 6, 2019  

From Getting Shot at in Iraq & Afghanistan to 1.5 Million in Ransomware

Joshua Stroud and Phil Howard discuss... the journey from 1 tour in Iraq to 1 tour in Afghanistan and getting shot at to helpdesk technician, consultant, and to IT Leadership.

Is your businesses that will have to close down in 6 months if you experience a ransomware attack? ... The Majority end up having to close up shop.

  • The biggest learning and key skill to learn as a Systems Admin
  • Getting shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Floating Bridges
  • Human Hacking
  • The helpdesk for the dark web

#systemsadmin #mallware #ransomware #securebackup #ITleadership #voip #telecom 

May 30, 2019  

Marine Deploys Cisco Call Manager in 1999

John Larsen, manager of Enterprise Infrastructure for CHS and Phil Howard, managing partner CNSG discuss:

  • Getting thrown a Cisco Call manager and told to deploy it in 1999
  • Managing internet connectivity on Tugboats
  • IT Farming for Farmers 
  • What a Co-Op is.
  • Learning by drinking from the Firehose
  • Managing the Fear of change by ignoring people's fears
  • oh yeah... and frame relays, lolololol

#voip #cisco #telecom #internet #SDWAN #mpls #ITleadership #ITmanagement

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May 28, 2019  

CISO… The Job You Can Only Fail At

Christophe Foulon (CISSP) and Phil Howard (Managing Partner CNSG) discuss:

  • Booting from DOS
  • Security Burnout by Choice
  • The only job that you can only fail at
  • Average Lifespan of a CISO
  • Burnout Solutions

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#ITleadership #CTO #CIO #TelecomRadioOne #ciso #ITmanagement #telecom #microsoftXP

May 22, 2019  

Spear-Tipping Your Career by Making an Impact | CTO Dipul Patel

Phil Howard and Dipul "Dip" Patel discuss:

  • Disabling Missiles and Multiple Kill Vehicles with Nuclear Warheads on Ballistic Trajectories.
  • Technology Minded People Doing Business.
  • How to find and know good people with talent.
  • The Different between making an Impact versus Career Growth
  • Storing and Shipping Green Energy
  • HyperScalers, Asynchronous computing and other Nerd Stuff

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May 21, 2019  

IBM why are you building servers that last long, don’t break, and are harder to hack?

Phil Howard and Paul Olson discuss:

  • IBM stuff (like AS400s) never breaking.
  • Security surrounding your IMBi services.
  • Servers that don't go down
  • Open Source software development
  • Something amazing.... "BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY"

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May 15, 2019  

IT in Different Languages

Jon Wadsworth & Phil Howard discuss IT around the world.

- IT enablement

- IT Dreaming

- What an awesome world could look like before accounting gets involved.

- Speaking IT in China without knowing any Chinese.

- Rolling out Active Directory around the world and dealing with whatever you find.

- Google Translate

#ITleadership #IT #activedirectory
May 7, 2019  

From No Help Desk and Support By Favoritism to Accountability

Brian Martinez & Phil Howard discuss the unbelievable fact that many businesses still do not have a standardized process and IT Help Desk.     

- Going from no structure to service desk/help desk

- Eliminating 80% of the tickets and ongoing busy work

- Culture challenges
- Right Vibe Culture versus Janitor Mentality
- Accountability to success and the numbers
- Data doesn't lie.
- End-users being ignored.
#ITleadership #helpdesk #IT