Dissecting Popular IT Nerds

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February 20, 2020  

How to Stop Shadow IT from Ruining Your Life

On this episode James Ordinans (Senior Information Technology Manager at Hydrite) and Phil Howard Discuss:

  • Solutions & Results, not Tools & Toys
  • IT shouldn’t be just a Service Center
  • How to build a business tech solution
  • P&L versus EBITA
  • IT Business Training
  • Impacting analytics
  • Meaningful IT Work
  • How to ask and sell yourself
  • Communicating Value
February 18, 2020  

27 years in IT Not Avoiding Every Disaster at the Same Company

On this episode Greg Altmam (IT Infrastructure Manager at Swiff-Train Company) and Phil Howard Discuss..

  • EOL Disasters Avoided
  • Forklifting to Flexibility
  • Predating Ethernet IBM Mainframes
  • The Macro that turning 10 days into 3 hrs
  • Salted Shortel & Cisco Lemon Juice on Papercuts
February 13, 2020  

What year did IT paranoia set in?

Michael (the great bearded) McClure and I had a talk of sorts on Dissecting Popular IT Nerds...

We also talked about what other IT Directors actually do for fun

Like Snowmobiling and freezing icicles off one's beard, aka “beardicles”

Some of the show highlights:

  • A Gateway 286 & Network Card
  • Why is nothing breaking
  • Millennials want it to work easy like Siri
  • Embrace the challenge release the stress
  • What’s easy is hard
  • What year did paranoia set in
  • How to sell to upper management with only a little bit of fear.
February 6, 2020  

From Huffing Fiberglass Fumes to Living the IT Dream

From Boat Building & Working with Wood to....

Building a Career

Using IT to Build a Business Foundation

A real Y2K Failure

Loving Your Job

Scaling a business technically to the point that product is flying off the shelf

Exploding Companies

Data Analysis

IT Advice to be taken

January 24, 2020  

Weird IT Guy Kills IT in Sales & Marketing

This show is the KEY to business success and only a few of you are going to hear this... so take the ideas... run with it... and make millions before everyone hears this show.  


Weird IT Guy (with 800 End-Users) Kills IT in Sales & Marketing

Why is there a disconnect between sales and IT

What to do with shadow IT perpetrators who write your paycheck

Long story short....

  1. Sales is Behind
  2. Marketing Could Be Ahead
  3. And IT can bring the two ahead for cutting-edge growth


  • Data data data... but then developing a sales process with the MOST important pieces of data.
  • Enable the sales team

Life-altering base principles that will change your life for the better.

January 15, 2020  

Falling into IT leadership in the Congo

For this man, reality is that his staff gets killed for their mobile devices.

So it needs to be easy for him to wipe devices remotely and unlock them.

Back story...

Ed Lopez fell into IT,

and has been truly leading ever since.

On this episode he covers how to develop the right processes accross all areas and departments within a big company.... while also growing technology to a point of maturity.

Ed and I talk about culture... education of end users accross multiple silos and in geographic areas like the Congo.

Plus... customer experience as a "service desk" NOT A "help desk"

  • Most people don't get taught how to be a manager.
  • Learning how to put yourself in someone else's shoes.
  • ITIL - Certs and how things should function.
January 10, 2020  

IT mentoring is this episode (interactive human skills).

  • IT mentoring is this episode (interactive human skills).
  • Transformation of the IT guy into a human interaction machine
  • Relationship building , strong executive presence, 
  • Behavioral neuroscience engineering
  • Emotional roadblocks.
  • Enabling end-users
  • Segmentation via business outcomes
  • What would perfect technology look like?
January 7, 2020  

From IT dumpster fires to stepping over dead bodies on the floor to…

From putting out dumpster fires to powerpoint glitter with...

Business acumen wins and a seat at the grownup table...

Dan White has made a respectable human

out of a monsterous

Lobotomized IT department 

Where people crawl out of the server room

and up from the basement

He has brought new meaning to life in IT

from the horrid existence of processing tickets

behind a martian helpdesk.

Listen Now and be forever changed!


November 20, 2019  

Millennial American IT Stereotypes and Burgers in Saudi Arabia

Larry Miller - IT Consultant for larger mid-market enterprise and...

Small Business and...

Residential clients (my hero)...

working nights and weekends,

breaking all the molds we say matter for work/life balance

has a soul at the same time and

more than the mere appearance of a life.

We've taken this episode to a deeper level spanning more of the globe... 

and more of the human condition while layering in technology.

Some snippets:

  • Americans hate Mediocrity
  • Millennial Stereotypes Dissected
  • The Work Hard Generation
  • Post Birth of the Internet
  • Every kid gets an award
  • The school of failure
  • Too Many Chiefs and not enough Indians
  • Focus on the negative
  • Servant Leadership
  • America in Saudi Arabia
  • How do we think about ourselves and push past the bubble
  • Alien attack of the earth
  • Sitting on the same side of the table
  • Women in Technology
  • 80% of the class doesn't know what Word and Excel is
  • Why doesn't IT have mentors
  • Inner peace in IT
  • Establishing IT as a practice.
  • Full fledged internships


November 8, 2019  

Mark Zuckerberg sits in this guy’s chairs.

On this show:

From 85 users & 3 locations --- to --- 362 users & 10 locations, with an IT staff of 4 wicked awesome IT mavens.  That's 80 users / 1 IT resource

  • 250 tickets a day
  • How to eliminate Ticket Bottleneck Bogs
  • Phone calls on top of tickets
  • IT coaching end-user culture
  • Flagging reds and preventative dongles
  • Walking the floor for "shirt-tugs"
  • Ask don't tell
  • Don't talk down to people like the software developers
  • Phishing won't stop (don't let your guard down)
  • IT Mentors - good - bad - horrible
  • The old skills
  • Communicating with confidence to C-levels
  • and much much more....